More than 70 years ago, the late Alfredo Osso was working in New York City when Life Magazine featured an article on a new taste sensation....pizza. He brought his discovered creation to Washington, PA when he opened Osso’s Pizza at 1200 Jefferson Ave in the city’s Tylerdale section in 1952 with his son Sam. Sixty-three years later, Sam Osso and his children and grandchildren are still sharing that homemade delight with thousands of people every year.
Pizza is the first thing Washington residents think of when Osso’s is mentioned, but many orders come in for
hoagies, hot sandwiches, etc. Now Osso’s has expanded it’s menu in the past year with some new items, such as
penne pasta bowls, stuffed shells, and vacuum packed pre-cooked frozen pizza. If someone can’t make it to the shop
every time they want Osso’s pizza, they will be able to get frozen vacuum-packed “6 packs”of pizza or frozen trays of 28 slices to take home to bake.
Vacuum packed pizza is available all of the time. No pre-ordering is necessary.

Although Osso's is a carry-out only business, there is an outdoor pavilion available for your dining pleasure  (see photo below).

Sam's Great Grandaughter Ava